Is God serious about sin and salvation?


Is God serious about sin and salvation? You better believe it! 

The other day the Roman Catholic theologians identified an extra couple of mortal sins”. In other words; particular sins which are worse than other sins. The Bible does not define sin by degree and God does not define sin by degree. Sin, though defined by man as large or small, is not so defined by God. If you have sinned you are guilty of all sin, James 2:10. 

So what has mankind decided to do in recent years to avoid the consequences of their sin? They have begun to change sin’s terminology. Changing terminology to hide the deed and negate accountability won’t cut it with God I’m afraid. He has clearly defined sin in the Bible and all of mankind has committed sin and fallen short of His glory, Romans 3:23. All are lost and heading for a Christ less separation from the glory of God if they don’t acknowledge their state and repent. God has been tolerant until now, but those times are over, Acts 17:30. 

So who is to blame for this state of affairs? Believers who have not become disciples of Christ; that’s who!  

The party is over church-going folk! God is not interested in our local church on the corner, our programmes which define our life’s purpose, our repetitious, predictable worship, our topical men-pleasing, new age, preaching, and our self glorifying, religious observances! He told the Hebrew nation that very thing through His prophets, but have we learned from their words and the outcomes that followed? Absolutely not!  

Everybody on the planet is a sinner and should be viewed as such until proven otherwise. Every person Christ’s disciples come in contact with inside and outside of church environments should be viewed as lost until the following question is asked? Are you born again? That’s right – you don’t know whether a person is saved from sin unless you asked that question of everybody you meet; including those you sit next to in Sunday service.  

An eighty-three year old lady who lived in San Francisco around 1890 believed God called her to China. She made plans to go despite resistance from her immediate family and local congregation. She sailed off regardless and six weeks later landed in Shanghai. She then headed north and settled in a small church mission. One morning after the Sunday service she stood at the exit and asked all as they left whether or not they were born again. As the preacher approached the exit she asked him if he was filled with the Holy Spirit. After six weeks the preacher fell on his face and repented of his anger toward the woman’s persistence and said, “God, if I am not filled with your Spirit, then fill me”. God did just that and revival broke out! An estimated one hundred thousand souls were saved in that region during that revival. 

Are you born again, living in Christ and anxious for the lost of the world? If not, why not? Are you a disciple but have not asked God to fill, lead, empower and anoint you with His Holy Spirit that you may be bold among the lost? If not – why not? Blessings

Bob Chapman MA


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