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When enough IS ENOUGH!

April 20, 2008
I must agree with the action described in the following article.
There indeed comes a time when Christians and decent folk have to take serious action and make a stand against their societies and the governments which godless minorities influence to the detriment of all. 
Christians, we don’t have to take this Satanic rubbish any longer! Let’s stand up and be counted for righteousness sake in all nations, even if costs us dearly! It’s time to pray. It’s time to preach. It’s time to write. It’s time to say, “Far enough! You can go no further!”
Family groups urge parents to leave gay-friendly public schools

New California laws will eventually demand that all public school activities and instruction be positive in their portrayal of transexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality, even when teaching children in kindergarten. Randy Thomasson, chief of the Campaign for Children and Families, is spearheading a drive to get 600,000 children to withdraw from the state’s public schools.“When you can no longer protect your children, you must remove them from a threatening environment,” Thomasson said. He and other pro-family advocates cite specifically California Senate Bill 777 and Assembly Bill 394,both recently passed by the legislature and approved by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to the Web site, SB 777 will affect everything on campus-classroom instruction, curriculum materials, guest speakers, sex education, drama and music, assemblies, athletics and clubs.The same site says AB 394 “effectively promotes transexual, bisexual, homosexual indoctrination of students, parents and teachers via ‘anti-harassment’ materials.”Even public school insiders have joined the campaign. For example, veteran public school teacher Nadine Williams of Torrance said she will remove her grandchildren from public schools because of the new indoctrination laws.The laws may yet face a challenge in the courts-on the grounds of constitutionality. And a vote of the people could occur if an initiative effort succeeds.


Bob Chapman MA