China earthquake hits where we lived

During 1992 my family and I resided in Mianyang for one year. We were there to teach English at the Buildings Material University. During our stay we were guests of the muncipality of Beichuan County and visit the region for two days.
It is sad indeed to see the utter devestation those poverty stricken country folk have suffered. Few foreigns had visited that region when we went there and they welcomed us with a Mayoral banquet and also introduced us to the Panda Veterinary team who monitored and cared for 1100 pandas living in the bamboo forrests nearby.
As we were leaving the county the towns folk gathered together and gave our childred brightly coloured, highly decorative, ethenic clothing to take back to Australia. We still have these and many photos of the occasion. We have precious memories of our days in Beichuan County.
May those who have survived be comforted and blessed.
Bob Chapman MA

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