Should disciples accept ungodly government legislation?

It would appear that we are too quick to forget the ancient and the immediate past when it comes to taking a stand for the kingdom of God. In my recent article (Enough is Enough) I made mention of the ungodly state of Western nations and the subtle, insidious encroachment of political correctness against the kingdom of God in those nations and how it should be opposed. To my surprise, there were some believers who asked to be removed from my mailing list and some who could not support the notion of Christians upholding the teachings of God’s kingdom regardless of  the challenges governments and minority groups could bring against them because of their fundamental belief and uncompromising faith in the Bible.


We must not forget the many martyrs of the past one hundred years who have stood against the blatant anti-Christian movements that have occurred in so many countries. These movements, such as atheistic communism, socialism, despotism, etc, are still with us today. These movements, though threatening to disciples, are not as dangerous as the movements that are currently underway in so called Western Christian nations. If the movements of political correctness, compromising tolerance and the redefining of sin continue without profound opposition from Christ’s disciples, they will soon overwhelm us both politically and ecumenically.


Surely it is time Christ’s true disciples began a concerted, uncompromising, powerful effort to oppose political correctness in churches and in governments? It is an affront to me as a disciple of Christ to be lumped in with Christendom’s “Christian representatives” by the media when a little bit of Biblical research would reveal to journalists that the so-called “Christian representatives” are not always aligned with the Bible’s description of Christ’s ambassadors, II Cor. 5:17-21. If we are going to wait for Christendom’s major denominations and their representatives to make a definitive stand against political correctness and its satanic intent, we are deluded.


Governments must be made aware that the true disciples of God’s kingdom are a force to be reckoned with; a force that will not compromise the inspired Word of God to be anxious to retain their comfortable existence in today’s Western society. Our martyred brothers and sisters of the last 100 years gave up all and opposed blatant moves of Satan through the governmental instruments of atheistic communism, socialism and despotism even unto death. How can we think we are exempt from a similar call of God to oppose the political correctness that is compromising the gospel message today? We are not exempt from His call to take a stand against such compromise!


To begin with, let’s return to preaching the simple message of the first century church; “Repent or perish!” John the Baptist preached it. Jesus preached it. The apostles preached it. Numerous disciples throughout the ages preached it. It was the essence of the powerful preaching of the great revivals. Sure, such preaching doesn’t produce contemporary mega-church membership numbers, nor does it keep one from offending governments and sin-loving individuals – but that’s the sinner-saving gospel folks and it offends!


Jesus, after preaching His challenging message about eating His flesh and drinking His blood in John chapter six, found that all those listening to Him wouldn’t comply with the demands of the message and departed from Him. It was even reported that the disciples contemplated the same action. John records that Jesus came to them and asked, “…does this offend you?” John 6:61.


Gospel preaching is offensive because it calls sinners to repentance and salvation – it does not endorse the compromised, contemporary, comfortable, emerging church environment which is now so popular in the West. When the gospel is compromised, political correctness is not opposed, the command for all men to repent (Acts 17:30) is not preached, and contemporary entertainment becomes an assembly’s main focus. While at the same time sinners quietly take the high ground, surround Biblically inept believers and implement legislation to wipe out uncompromising disciples and remove God’s kingdom from the face the earth!  


Let’s not be beguiled! Rather, let us study God’s Word, seek to be filled, led, empowered and anointed with God’s Holy Spirit, and return to preaching repentance and salvation without any contemporary compromise. Let’s stand, in every possible way, against all insidious political correctness before it overwhelms us.


Bob Chapman MA   

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