How to DEVASTATE political correctness!


The Canadian government seems to be at the forefront of the satanic political correctness movement. Other governments around the world are also gearing up to be as aggressive as the Canadians and also enforce their ungodly agenda on Christ’s disciples.


Well, I believe there is one surefire way to defeat them!


Years ago I received a letter from a distraught preacher. In his letter he described how he and the elders were being sued by an adulterous believer who was a member of their assembly. The woman was openly committing adultery with a prominent community leader in the town, yet still attending worship and blatantly refusing to repent when challenged by the preacher and the elders according to the scriptural instructions of Jesus, Matthew 18:15-17.


When the elders publicly announced to the congregation, while she was present, that the congregation was withdrawing fellowship from her, she sued the preacher and the elders for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was this woman’s legal action that resulted in my receiving the letter, which not only explained the situation but asked for a contribution to help pay for the legal costs the congregation anticipated.


I replied to their request in the following way. “Why pay her one penny? Why even bother engaging legal counsel to defend the case? Are you not all the Body of Christ and as one Body are you not all liable for withdrawing fellowship from her until she repents of her public adultery? Therefore, why not advise her lawyers that they will have to summons all the members of the congregation as you all agreed with the decision of the elders and corporately withdrew fellowship from this adulterous woman. Also inform them that you will all continue to abstain from fellowshipping with her until she repents of her open and public display of adultery, 1Cor. 5.


Well, they didn’t like my advice. Instead, they went to court, lost the case and had to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they anticipated in order to pay compensation to the woman, her lawyers, and their own legal costs. Had all three hundred or more of them presented themselves for summonsing what a stir it would have made in the media and what prosecutor or judge would have proceeded to prosecute a whole congregation and seek to throw them in prison because they refused to capitulate on the truth of God’s Word about the sinful state of mankind and their need to repent as commanded by the Lord, Acts 17:30?


I am still of this persuasion and advocate that no preacher, eldership etc, should ever have to stand alone in regard to these matters as they are members corporately of the Body of Christ (1Cor. 12:12-31). Whole assemblies of disciples in any location must stand with their preachers, teachers and elders etc., who uncompromisingly preach or write about the truth of God’s Word; regardless of the consequences!


Let us not take any more of this Satanic political correctness against the Body of Christ. Let us all stand up as the Body of Christ when any disciple in our local assembly is threatened or summoned for preaching or teaching or writing about the Biblically denounced sins of this present age!


Let the authorities know that if they summons or arrest one disciple, then they have to summons or arrest the whole local assembly of disciples who live and act as one in the kingdom of God; regardless of the outcomes!



Bob Chapman MA



3 Responses to “How to DEVASTATE political correctness!”

  1. dwhitsett Says:

    Christians are going to have to undergo increasing persecution as our world’s sense of fairness and morality continue to decline…it is inescapable. As long as we have church buildings, budgets and bank accounts, we will present an easy target for the greedy pagans. We must not only refuse to pay these pagans but be willing to go to gaol (jail) for it. Let them take our possessions…truth and righteousness are far more important. We must also lower our “profile” so that they will not find anything at which to aim.

  2. extremelives Says:


    These basics of discipleship should be taught all through the disciple’s life.

  3. Bible lover Bill Says:

    You gave the right advice, Bob. It goes along with 1 Corinthians 6:1-11.

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