My second encounter with Gabriel


Last week I had my second encounter with Gabriel – not THAT Gabriel, but a middle-aged Australian Aboriginal woman named Gabriel.


The first time I met Gabriel was at a revival meeting I held twelve months ago in the country town of Katanning in Western Australia. Gabriel came forward at the end of the evening’s lesson. As is my custom when people come forward for prayer, I asked her not to tell me anything about her life or about any illness she may have. She did look quite ill though, I must say.


She told me nothing and remained silent while I laid hands on her and waited for the Holy Spirit to reveal anything about her life to me. After a few minutes I said to her that the Holy Spirit revealed in a vision that a part of her body had been recently removed and this was causing her present, obvious illness. She acknowledged that this was true and that she recently had a kidney removed. Also she revealed that the doctors had given her three months to live. Upon hearing this I asked several others to gather around, lay hands on her with me, and to pray for her recovery.


Yet now, nine months later, there she was standing in a Katanning meeting hall waiting for me to start a new session of Bible teaching. I was so delighted to see her that in my excitement I blurted out, “Gabriel, I thought you had gone home to be with the Lord!” Ah, well, we all trip over our tongues from time-to-time.


After I hug and some more excited exchanges about her obvious good health I found out that she has been healthy from the evening of the first encounter twelve months before. We both praised God for her healing and rejoiced about it several times during the day!



Bob Chapman MA


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