Don’t fear – ‘all out’ nuclear war is not possible!


If you and I were to believe all the headlines about Russia’s current activities in Europe, South America, Syria and Cuba, and Iran’s current nuclear plans, we would assume ‘all out’ nuclear war is but days away. Yet folks there are other voices out there who have been saying since the 60’s that ‘all out’ nuclear war is not a physical possibility.


So what about these headlines of the past few days:

·         Russia gives NATO 21 days to leave the Black Sea.

·         Russia wants Arctic riches.

·         Russia’s stock market crashes.

·         Rice to make ‘significant’ speech on Russia.

·         Russia threatens to seize swathe of Arctic.

·         Russia to help Cuba build space centre.

·         NATO stands by Georgia.

·         Russia slams NATO for “cold war” visit to Georgia.

·         Kuwait living in fear of nuclear Iran.

·         Iran continues to stonewall IAEA on nuclear ambitions.

·         Iran boasts its forces can control Gulf.

·         IAEA shows photos alleging Iran nuclear missile works.

Details of these are available at:


Makes one want to put their head in the sand doesn’t it? Unfortunately one can no longer do that – not even Christians because the current times would appear to be intentionally planned to create chaos on a scale so enormous no one will be untouched by its fall out. But, as for that fall out being nuclear, I have had doubts about the validity of that physical possibility since I read the work of retired New Zealand Airlines pilot Bruce Cathie in the 70’s. Bruce has written several books since the late 60’s and in His book The Energy Grid – Harmonics 695 he makes a strong argument against the physical possibility of ‘all out’ nuclear war:


I know some of you will be wondering why I have written about these matters, and you are welcome to question or criticize me for it. But let me say this: we as believers in Christ are not exempt from current world affairs or their planned consequences. I know that these headlines on TV, in newspapers etc, can be unsettling for some, ignored by others, but because they are intensifying day-after-day they can no longer be overlooked. I have no doubts that there is an agenda behind them – an agenda that has us in its sights!  



Bob Chapman MA


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