Laughing with God at man’s folly


A week has transpired since Wall Street took a battering, but only a few days have transpired since Congress’s attempt to halt the meltdown – what a joke!


As I watch this folly I have to laugh along with God, for He will have them in derision as they plot such vain things, Psalm 2:1-5. My mirth is not a sly snicker or polite giggle; I am rolling on the floor holding my belly, folks!  This folly by devious governments and their bank masters is the most hilarious thing I have seen in a while. Let’s wake up disciples – the bailout just ain’t gunna work! When was a crocodile’s appetite sated with a sardine?


Its smoke and mirrors in the financial and institutional corridors of the Western world. Why can’t the world see through this 200 year old, manmade delusion and realize that their dependence on worthless, unsecured, fiat money is over?


Why does mankind believe that this week will erupt in boundless hope again? Well, they believe it because they want to be god of their own lives and call on their governments to set them free instead of falling on their faces and crying out to God in repentance in order to receive refreshment from His presence alone, Acts 3:19.


And then there is the Christian joke I am beginning to read in Christian bulletins and blogs. The joke goes something like this: “The good thing is that we Christian will be raptured out or here before things get too bad on Wall Street”. Now, that is funnier than the world hoping in their governments’ insatiable printing of worthless, unsecured, fiat bank notes!


Christians, we are not going to escape the social consequences that will arise as this monetary meltdown intensifies from next week on. Shame on those who are preaching and teaching the false hope of a God ordained rapture out of this manmade, intentional chaos! Haven’t they forgotten something? “God desires all mankind to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4). Therefore what is about to happen in the weeks to come, because of the greed and power mongering of a few evil men, God will allow to happen. Why? Because it will open wonderful doors for us to fulfill His will to save the lost who will see their hopes dashed like never before in their life time.


So, let’s face it! It is about to get very uncomfortable for all mankind and we, God’s bondservants, better get ready to snatch as many as possible from the fire as they turn from worshipping mammon and seek hope in the living God.



Bob Chapman MA


2 Responses to “Laughing with God at man’s folly”

  1. Bill Harper Says:

    It is only the mercy of our God that has held this thing off this long. It isn’t the fault of a few greedy men as Bob stated but the greed of almost all of us that has caused this thing. God has been giving us warnings ever since the bombing of the twin towers in New York City in 2001 that He is not pleased with us and wants us to repent, but we have not heeded the warnings. He is not pleased with our attitudes and our pride. He is not pleased with the things that we have condoned. The so-called “bail out” is a joke, but unlike Bob I am not laughing. People will continue to chant “God bless America” as they trust in, and blame, politicians for the mess we are in. Repentance as individuals and a nation is the only hope we have to see things change, but we will continue in our folly that prophecy may be fulfilled. Bill Harper

  2. Joan & Jeff Says:

    Hi Bob

    Good message!

    I can read your note today & know you are a “from the shoulder” communicator & take no prisoners.

    In the few words you have written the message is clear.
    1. If security is placed in money & the many temporal crutches the world offers it is very uncomfortable when these are removed.
    2. Believers need to always be mobilised all the time being & doing all Jesus expects.

    We have been in the place described in point one above. Having lost everything the world offered we were very surprised how little we felt the loss.
    Simply because we had placed our trust in Jesus for our existence current & future. It’s a good message to share & has impact.

    Regarding point 2 this is where I am stirred up. Why? Because the church is not equipping the majority of believers to be & do those things Jesus requires. Some of these you have written. “Stuff those letterboxes with the good news, knock those doors, advertise nightly gospel and revival meetings, feed the needy and destitute, preach the Word without compromise”.

    As the harvest fields are ripe for harvest (and have always been so) the harvesters need to be equipped & ready. But they are not. They have not been equipped. They fear sharing their faith. They think it’s someone else’s responsibility. They have forgotten there is a world outside the church activities and are drawn into the safety of the church where there is no risk. Pastors take on the role of the total “Five Fold Ministry” but leave the people at risk and ill equipped as we need all the Five Fold Ministry not just one fifth.

    Is it any wonder people are not being reached. We attended a church and the pastor’s constant prayer was “Bring them in Lord”. Whatever happened to the command to “GO”. I remember a visiting speaker telling us he had done exhaustive study in Greek & Aramaic on the word GO. He had read many references and discovered the absolute true meaning was to “GO”. No excuse. 10 years after we left another church they were still praying about how they should get involved in evangelism.

    Most pastors are not motivated to equip the people to “GO”; that’s the role of the evangelist. But where are the evangelists? Right where Jesus said they would be. In the Body waiting to be used. But most are an unused gift.

    I am all for the things that are organised in the local churches most are vital but regrettably insular.

    Pastors are over worked, under resourced & under rewarded. It’s their choice to be this way because they will not share the equipping office with the other 4 gifts.

    Bob there is a little frustration in this note but mostly it’s a cry for my heart to see the church take its rightful place. Consider this I am letting the Word have the last word.

    Isaiah 61 : 9

    Bless you Bob

    Joan & Jeff

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