The king has new clothes; yeah, right!


I am not a Banker nor the son of a Banker, but I’m not stupid either. I don’t believe the king has a new suit of clothes!
Therefore I have this question to ask since I, like you, have been watching governments this past week play the walnut shell and pea game with the world: How can governments lend to major international banks, who in turn lend to big banks, who in turn lend to smaller banks, who in turn lend to the populace, who in turn pay the government taxes to lend to the major international banks and there we go around again?
Why isn’t the world asking the governments where they are getting their billions from in the first place!
Well, let me tell you where they are getting their billions from to keep their walnut shell and pea illusion going on — they are getting them from their own printing business around the corner; that’s where!
Folks, the reality is — there is no pea! Or as one famous story teller wrote, “The king has no clothes on!”
Bob Chapman




One Response to “The king has new clothes; yeah, right!”

  1. Joan & Jeff Says:

    Hi Bob

    One day it will fall apart.

    It was close this time but the fear required was not quite enough. Just hedge funds liquidating because their gearing was lopsided.

    Now to look at it another way. Can we learn from this to enjoy the “Egyptian cucumbers” for some time into the future.

    Did you know that during this time of fear in the worlds stock markets there are some people who know how to read the “fear & greed” market signals.
    These people have profited from this so called crisis. With the result that money is still going into the Lords work. One strategy used has returned more than 65% since December 2007.
    Even though the stock market has been going downhill since November & the profit is sill rolling in. Who are we to be “as wise & crafty” as?

    This is just one example of how we can ”transfer the riches of the world” to Kingdom projects. Give kids in the 3rd world some new cloths not the king or perhaps provide the resources & teach their parents to make them.

    My Father “owns the cattle on the hills” but others are claiming them so & I am turning up every day with my bucket to fill it up with milk & pass it on to those in need. This is done through the share market where we earn a profit as it goes up or down. Last week our profit was $3400.00 – praise God. More money for the kingdom. So it’s not all gloom & doom.

    Excuse the vague references to scripture.

    Love from Joan & Jeff

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