Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda!

A month ago I wrote that things would get worse on the financial front. Not because circumstances involving the state of the world economy would make them worse, but because there was a plan by a few misfits to make them worse. A week later it deteriorated again and I reiterated my warning. A week later it deteriorated again and I wrote that the Emperor did not have new clothes on at all and the financial measures being put in place by the “Emperors” of this era were lies – propaganda in other words.


Their plan, to cull the world’s population to five hundred million and illuminate Christianity and religion, is working a treat for the “One Worlders”. They know propaganda is their greatest tool and they are using it every day now to create chaos in the financial market place. They are simply controlling the media and spreading the word that there are giants in the land. Moses learned about the power of such propaganda when the twelve spies returned from the Promised Land. Even the power of God was ignored on that occasion; despite His very visible presence with them night and day. Nothing has changed folks!


Preachers like me have been warning about the intentions of a few “One Worlders” to cull and control the remaining multitude of mankind for 35 years now, but few Christians have been listening. Sadly, many of the few who have paid attention have embraced some misguided teaching that Jesus will return, rapture them out of the coming tough times and then make war against the remainder of mankind so they will repent and be saved.


The coming tough times are not coming in order to provide an exit strategy for comfortable Western Christians who have forgotten Christ’s mandate to seek and save the lost! The tough times are coming to enable a remnant of faithful disciples to win more souls into God’s kingdom then at any other time in the history of mankind! Bible believing, Bible teaching disciples are the only solution – mere entertainment focused church-goers aren’t! They will fall away because they have been planted in the shallow and the rocky soil and have no root of faith within themselves, Matthew 13.


Judgement has always begun at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17) and a remnant of disciples have turned the world upside down. Such judgement is about to happen again, but this time among the “comfort-zone” believers. In the twentieth century it happened in China. Today China has the largest known gathering of true disciples on the planet, thanks to persecution.  


Let’s face the facts brethren; we don’t have the ear of the multitude in this modern Sodom and Gomorrah era, but we soon will have. Are ready for it? This is not a time to be looking to God for some miraculous “exit” from trouble. This is a time to return to good, sound, Bible teaching and preaching. It is a time for prayer. It is a time to get ready to testify to the Lord’s salvation. It is an “Esther time” for all disciples: “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14.


As I said a month ago; fling those church doors open and start preaching night and day in the empty buildings until people start flocking in to experience the faith of the saints in adverse times and the power of God to deliver them. Start advertising hope in Jesus in your local papers. Start letter boxing your neighbourhood with messages of the hope and salvation in Jesus. In other words, start doing what we should have been doing all along – seeking the salvation of the lost, Luke 19:10.



Bob Chapman MA


One Response to “Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda!”

  1. Joan & Jeff Says:

    Hi Bob

    There is no substitute for “Go into all the world”, but most go into church & believe that’s enough. They are wrapped in the protection the church provides.
    Having a place of refuge is great. There we can be encouraged, comforted, taught but we need to be equipped & sent out.

    The message at church this week was a challenge to “go”. The message cantered around Mark 5 :18 -20 & the demoniac that Jesus set free. Jesus told him to go into a Gentile area & tell his story. He did & the people were amazed. The Word makes it clear how powerful a testimony can be, Rev 12:11.

    This man had no theological training – something the church seems to insist on before we can do anything. I wonder if this form of “wait until you’re qualified” preconditioning prevents participation in the “go” command.
    A real encounter with Jesus was enough for the demoniac. As it should be for any born again Christian.

    Sunday, the preacher provided a challenge to the congregations “to go & tell your story”. However, not without an invitation to be equipped.
    This equipping takes place with a half day “how to experience”. This helps to build gossiping the gospel into lifestyle.

    Knowing what to do is often not enough. Discipleship is a show & tell experience. The majority of people need leadership – a how to example, not just a what to do list.

    I agree with all you have written. Let’s take it one more step & offer the “how to”. How to tell your story, it’s free for 10 participants at a time.

    Kind regards

    Joan & Jeff

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