Born-again Christians don’t exist!


Years ago, in their Bible ignorance, the media started using the term “born-again Christian”; there is no such person! If you are born-again; you are a Christian!


They use this term to distinguish between the zealous disciple and the mere church-goer – the former is one to be wary of. As far as the media is concerned, born-again Christians are world-changers and to be ridiculed or avoided.


Sadly the term born-again Christians has found a home in today’s “church speak”. I hear it wherever I travel in the world and read it often in the many articles I receive. Such is a sad indictment on a lack of Bible knowledge, both from the pulpit and from Christian writers.


Surely it is time to realize that if you are born-again, as Jesus challenged Nicodemus to be in John 3, then you are a Christian. You can’t be both born-again and a Christian. You can’t say, “I’m a born-again Christian”. Such terminology is contradictory. When you were born-again you became a Christian. But there is a difference between disciples and church-goers; that’s for sure.


So where does the problem lie? The problem lies in the lack of sound Bible teaching today. To correct this misuse of terminology is easy. Simply get back to teaching the Bible from the pulpit and in classes and this worldly, incited, Bible ignorance will be eradicated.





One Response to “Born-again Christians don’t exist!”

  1. David Rossiter Says:

    This term is not contradictory – it is a redundant adjective. If it was contradictory it would be an oxymoron. It’s like the term a short midget, or a round ball. There is no other kind I agree, but is useful to be able to differentiate between the ones who know they are and those who simply adopt a religion. Unfortunately many BAC suffer under poor doctrine and don’t know they are born again. My question on this article is are you against the term BAC or are you looking for disciples? If the latter, why argue against the term?

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