Does God’s love dispel His need for grace and mercy?


The other day I was engaged in a discussion with a fellow believer. The direction the discussion ended up taking astounded me. My colleague suddenly defended the sins of one known to them because, in their opinion, the love of God supersedes the need for the sinner to be born-again due to the abused life the sinner had been subjected to since childhood.


As our discussion continued, it was obvious that this believer had become caught up in the doctrine of universalism, which seems to be sweeping through many mainstream denominations and Pentecostal gatherings today. The basic premise of universalism, as I understand it, appears to be that God’s love supersedes His grace granted to believing, repentant, confessing, immersed sinners, and that all mankind will be reconciled to God because He loves all mankind, regardless of their sins or religious beliefs. If this is the case, then I contended we are wasting our time preaching the gospel.


I continued the discussion by referring to the preaching of John the Baptist, Jesus, the apostles and the disciples, which called for repentance for the kingdom of God was either coming, in the case of John the Baptist and Jesus, or had come in the case of the apostles and the disciples. My colleague’s response to this was that such preaching was harsh, not only on the part of Jesus and the others, but on my part as well.


Why are we hearing such unscriptural teaching today? The answer is simple – there is a dearth of sound Bible teaching and a dearth of Biblically educated teachers/preachers. This dearth is coupled with a “serving men” syndrome, rather than the commitment to “serve God”regardless of the personal cost, Galatians 1:10.


Two parties are to blame for this false teaching: One is the teacher/preacher who does not teach or preach solely from the word of God. The other is the believer who does not care that preachers preach and teachers teach the word of God because such preaching could offend or be too harsh upon sinners they have befriended and might bring to their trendy church!


So what is this embracing of the doctrine of universalism by many mainstream denominations all about? It is about teachers/preachers keeping their jobs in the first instance and holding membership numbers in the second! It is certainly not about saving the lost and making disciples of them while at the same time teaching them to observe all things that Jesus taught, Matthew 28:18-20!


Get it right folks – God’s love has not dispelled God’s mercy and grace! The epitome of God’s love is – His mercy and grace through the blood of Christ toward all believing, repentant, confessing, immersed sinners who have fallen short of His glory! And as harsh as it may sound, the truth is – the destiny of the born-again sinner is heaven and the destiny of sinners who are not born-again is hell, Matthew 7:13-14!


Teach and preach it like it is – stop compromising!




Bob Chapman MA


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