Have you seen one of these?

I am just wondering if there is a gathering of disciples out there anywhere in the world that:


·         Is convinced all people who are not in Christ Jesus are lost and is urgent about converting them at whatever cost to themselves?

·         Is setting aside one day for prayer a week to seek God’s will for their country, city, town, neighbourhood?

·         Is contributing as much to saving the lost, by all means possible, as they are spending on programmes and buildings etc?

·         Is meeting one day a week or more without fearing to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the gathering through all disciples present inclusive of His manifestation of signs, wonders, healings, words of knowledge, etc?

·         Is teaching and practicing kingdom living rather than church life-style?

·         Is opening the doors of their buildings every day for prayer, healing, deliverance, teaching, preaching etc, and advertising the fact?

·         Is training up committed disciples to go into their local area, town, city and other countries to seek and save the lost and disciple them to do the same as they are doing in the kingdom of God?

·         Is gathering early on Sundays and staying until whenever the Holy Spirit has concluded ministering to His disciples and non-believers as He wills, even if it means they remain there all day?

·         Believes nothing is impossible in the name of Jesus and practices that belief in the power of God wherever and whenever led to do so?


I am just curious. Contact me if you know of any who are.






One Response to “Have you seen one of these?”

  1. brother Will Says:

    I am sad when I think of the shape our churches are in today, and have been for some time. I arrive at church Sunday about 8:00 am for the 8:30 service; stay for coffee time to fellowship, then teach Sunday school during the 10:30 service. I leave about 12:00 pm.
    To listen to my fellow church goers about how long the service is lasting, how the pastor lost it this morning, how someone was sitting in his seat etc.
    I would go on about the rest of the article but mostly what I hear is: I am not qualified to teach or talk to others about God or Jesus.
    I plant lots of seeds about bringing Jesus into others lives, then leave it to the Holy Spirit. I give the Gospel, praise God, encourage, but we live in a world that lives for the world, not so much for Christ. Those of us who believe, have faith, and know how it all turns out keep asking God to send the Holy Spirit to all unbelievers. I keep trying to bring more people to Christ so I might see the in Heaven. I do this in my own community because that is where the need lies for me. God Bless.
    brother Will

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