Have you seen one of these? (PART 2)


Due to varied responses to this article, such as, “impossible”, “not this side of heaven”, “we have one of these”, “yes, we come close to this”, I am persuaded to make the following comments in blue. I personally believe that nothing I wrote in (part one) is unique, impossible etc, but should be normal, just as it was in the first century accounts of the kingdom of God in the world.


So, on to Part 2 incorporating the original Part 1:


I am just wondering if there is a gathering of disciples out there anywhere in the world that:


·         Is convinced all people who are not in Christ Jesus are lost and is urgent about converting them at whatever cost to themselves? This is simply the first principle of discipleship.

·         Is setting aside one day for prayer a week to seek God’s will for their country, city, town, neighbourhood? Why are disciples weak in this area of discipleship? Well, the only thing the first disciples asked Jesus to teach them was how to pray. There is a lot to learn in that request. But, as E.M. Bounds said in his book on prayer: It is better to pray then dialogue about it.

·         Is contributing as much to saving the lost, by all means possible, as they are spending on programmes and buildings etc? Too many church budgets focus on spending to build, fill and thrill, rather than spending to send, seek, save and send, Luke 19:10.      

·         Is meeting one day a week or more without fearing to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the gathering through all disciples present inclusive of His manifestation of signs, wonders, healings, words of knowledge, etc? The fullness of the Godhead dwells in Christ and in all believers who are in Christ, Col. 2:8-12! Sad though, in many places the fullness of some or all of the members of the Godhead is restricted by unbelief in the Godhead being the same yesterday, today and forever or being active in the same way as They were in the early days of God’s kingdom. The charismata (gifts) and the calling (gospel call unto salvation through Christ) have never been revoked, Romans 11:29, so what’s change?  

·         Is teaching and practicing kingdom living rather than church life-style? What can possibly be hard about this? A return to the teaching and preaching of God’s Word in its entirety will restore this.

·         Is opening the doors of their buildings every day for prayer, healing, deliverance, teaching, preaching etc, and advertising the fact? This is not happening because there is little or no belief in the Godhead’s fullness dwelling in believers today. It is time to stop running church gatherings, mega or minor, as businesses and start living kingdom principles by faith and fling those doors open and announce to the neighbourhood, town, city and world that God’s kingdom has come with power and you believe it!

·         Is training up committed disciples to go into their local area, town, city and other countries to seek and save the lost and disciple them to do the same as they are doing in the kingdom of God? I teach at a Bible College. I need to say that before I ask this question: Why do I teach there? I teach there because local gatherings of disciples are failing to spend the time to teach the Word of God like they once did. Most believers are not hungry to learn the Word of God is also another reason and those who are hungry can’t get fed. The Body of Christ was not established on the “clergy principle” instituted by religious orders of the world! So this is a simple thing to implement; just find believers who are committed to kingdom living not merely attending church.

·         Is gathering early on Sundays and staying until whenever the Holy Spirit has concluded ministering to His disciples and non-believers as He wills, even if it means they remain there all day? Forty years ago I was once told by an elder in a church: “You must finish your sermon at ten to eleven because we must get to the local restaurant before the Baptists do, otherwise we will be in the queue forever. On another occasion just recently I had to rebuke a gathering because when I made the invitation at the end of the message at least 20 of the 60 folks present came forward. While those 20 were being ministered to individually, many of the remaining 40 got up and went to the tea room for coffee and cake. Surely the Body of Christ is to minister to itself as Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12. This truth is forgotten as we dawdle in around starting time, or thereafter, get entertained and hurry out exactly on time! In other places the function is repetitious like the movie “groundhog day”.  Nothing changes year in and year out. Why? Because many believe that one will suffer the wrath of God if one does anything outside of the controlled, “orderly pattern” instituted by the wisdom of men at annual general meetings decades ago.  

·         Believes nothing is impossible in the name of Jesus and practices that belief in the power of God wherever and whenever led to do so? This is only possible for those who are willing to spend time in the presence of the Lord as Jesus did in the valleys and on the mountains. As long as gatherings practice employing “clergy” who are overseen by worldly, qualified professionals on church boards and not allowed to focus solely on the principle of ministry to the Body as recorded in Acts 6:2-4, then the Body of Christ will continue to take its eyes off the Lord and focus on men, and the clergy and not the kingdom of God! They will never overcome the kingdom of Satan through a Spirit filled, Spirit led, Spirit powered and Spirit anointed life.


Your comments are welcome: eastasia@iinet.net.au



Bob Chapman


2 Responses to “Have you seen one of these? (PART 2)”

  1. Royce Says:

    Amen, good stuff!

  2. Denny Says:

    Where is there a church where Christians can meet that believes such things?

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