The Lord’s signs, wonders, healings in Nepal

Nepal ministry 2008


On the recent ministry tour of Nepal I, and my ministry companion Graham Paterson from California, got to spend some time with a John Hopkins’ Medical University Graduate Doctor who had lived in Nepal for the past 12 years. During our discussion with him in the town of Damak, just north of the Indian border, we mentioned some of the healings we had witnessed during our ministry time there. To our astonishment he casually remarked that up to 70% of the conversions to Christianity in Nepal were a result of signs, wonders and healings experienced either personally by Nepalese people or their family members.


Nepal is a poor developing nation, and in remote areas basic medical help does not exist. Also there is a lot of witchcraft in the villages and mountain regions. In some towns witchdoctors can be seen walking the streets beating drums and bewitching the people. Even our translator Reuben’s father was a former witchdoctor. Many years before he had an incurable disease. After seeking healing from his colleagues he remained ill despite their magic. Finally, out of sheer desperation, he visited a Christian in a neighbouring village. Following his visit he was healed and his whole family were converted and Reuben is today teaching and preaching the gospel across the nation.


One of the highlights of the return trip was to see three people who had between prayed for 12 months earlier. The first was a teenage girl whose right eye faced the right side of her body when I met her and prayed for her last year. Her right eye was now aligned with her left eye and her eyesight was normal. At one meeting she testified to the audience of the loving kindness of the Lord in healing her during the meetings last year. Another was a lady who had had stomach ulcers for 5 years until she was prayed for last year. She was instantly healed on that occasion and she looked so well when we saw her last week. The third was Indra, who has now changed his name to Lazarus.


Indra was involved in a motorbike accident 18 months ago. Sadly his friend steering the motorbike died from his injuries. When I first saw Indra 12 months ago he was brain damaged, in a coma and had a feeding tube in his nose. He had been sent home to die by the medicos some 7 months prior to my last visit. During my visit with Reuben to his home 12 months ago Reuben, my interpreter, and I laid hands on him and prayed for his recovery. In three days he had recovered from his coma, was speaking and thrashing his legs about. Three days later he was up and walking with his mother. When we saw him last week he welcomed us into his home and offered us curried buffalo meat, which was delicious. During our visit Indra said he had changed his name for obvious reasons and now is celebrating his new life. He will be married in two months to a Christian girl from his own cast and a nearby village. What a delight to see a young man get his life back! The Lord will use “Lazarus” in a mighty way.


During our two days of preaching, teaching and ministering in the town of Damak we were blessed with the love of the people and their enthusiasm for the word of God. Many were prayed for during that time and words of knowledge were common. Graham was invited to preach a couple of times and delighted in the opportunity to do so. Many Bibles and tracts were given to the preachers and evangelists who minister in the villages and mountains nearby. Some were awarded guitars and some bicycles for their faithful service. The funds for these were provided by some of the readers of this regular column.


After two days we moved to the remote town of Gaighat. During the 8 hour journey we encountered a river that had flooded a massive area in the east of Nepal. The road bridge had been swept away and we had to alight from the bus, cross the river in boats and find another bus. Sad to see such devastation and the thousands of refugee tents lining the banks of what was left of some fine farming land.


In Gaighat we stayed in a very, very basic hotel, but were compensated for the discomfort by the friendliness of the town’s people and the staff at the hotel. As Graham and I had not ministered together since leaving Bible School forty years earlier, this was a time for up close and personal as we shared a room and bathroom no bigger than one normal size western bedroom. We now know things about one another even we were shocked to find out! Just kidding.


In Gaighat all the churches made a combined effort to attend the meetings we ministered at. Once again the Lord worked closely with us and many were blessed and some signs and wonders occurred on the first day. The second day was very different though.


On the second day all the Christians in the town paraded through the town with banners and handed out tracts to the crowds gathered on the footpaths. As they went they invited the people to a Christmas concerted at the large community hall. At 2pm about 700 believers and non-believers packed the hall and were blessed with some great singing and cultural dancing by the combined youth groups. At the appropriate time I preached for 30 minutes and then Graham for 20 minutes. When Graham concluded I returned to the microphone and gave an altar call. After a while some folks came forward in response to the call for repentance and salvation.


During that time a demon possessed woman suddenly began to scream and run up and down in front of the 700 folks gathered in the hall. She was throwing aside any man who attempted to take hold of her and subdue her. It was at the time I sensed the power of God upon me and I left the stage and pursued the woman. When I got near her I placed my hand on her forehead and began to firmly command the demon to leave her in the name of Jesus.


Despite her attempts to cast me aside I continued to call on the name of the Lord. She suddenly went down on her knees and I went down with her, still with my hand firmly on her forehead. I continued to call on the name of the Lord until calm came over her. After a moment or two she opened her eyes and looked about as if trying to determine where she had been and what she had been doing. I took my hand off her forehead and the women who had gathered around knelt down and comforted her. I returned to the stage totally exhausted, both physically and spiritually. I have never experienced such ministry before. Reuben told us later that he had to try and subdue the crowd as they were attempting the press to the front to get a look at this unusual power of God in their midst; something many had not seen in public before. The singing and praise to God reached new heights after that!


Upon our return to Kathmandu we spent time with Cici, a Nigerian preacher who gathers street orphans together and places them in care facilities and also teaches them soccer. He was a professional player in his former years. Before we left for home, he and Reuben and some of Reuben’s young disciples prayed for us and pleaded with us to return again as soon as possible. This we will do, when God permits.


All-in-all the Lord’s name was magnified, some souls were saved, the sick were healed, the demon possessed delivered, those hungry for the word of God were taught and we were blessed beyond description. It is most important though that you continue to pray for Reuben and Rita his wife and those who remain behind to carry on the work of the Lord in that place.



Bob Chapman


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  1. Suzanne Sossi Says:

    Very interesting article and a good read Bob.

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