God’s kingdom changes the world – the church doesn’t!

“Give me 100 men who hate nothing but sin and love God with all their hearts and I will shake the world for Christ!” – John Wesley


When I read this quote from “True Discipleship” by William McDonald in 1968 I was impressed with its urgency even though it was nearly 200 years old – how times have changed since 1968. But one thing I have not let go since that year is belief that we, Christ’s bondservants, can change the world in the power of Jesus Christ’s name.


The Acts of the Apostles reveal that God never intended for the church to change the world – He adds to the church daily those who can change the world, Acts 2:36-47; 17:6 & 19:10.


You might say that I am a dreamer – then a dreamer I shall be. I dream of the kingdom of God being the powerful reality in the earth God intended it to be, Daniel 2:35. I also dream of God’s ambassadors of reconciliation going forth everywhere preaching the word of God with signs and wonders following because this is the very nature of God’s kingdom in the earth, not the church as we see it, 2 Cor. 5:17-6:2, 1 Cor. 4:19-20, Hebrews 12:28.


Over the years I have heard numerous arguments from well-meaning folk who have attempt to negate my dreaming, declaring the sole source of power in God’s kingdom today lies only in the preaching of God’s Word. I have been cloistered in “church environments” on clergy pay. I have been bound by committees and boards that resisted faith in action. I have served under unqualified elders elected by majorities to office, whose lust for power overshadowed their comprehension of what the kingdom of God was supposed to be and do throughout the ages. Yet, despite this, all the while John Wesley’s quote resounded in my ears.


So today I ask again; are there disciples in your town, city or nation who hate nothing but sin, love God with all their hearts and who are ready to shake this world with the gospel and power of the kingdom of God that accompanies the preaching of that gospel? If there are, I sure would like to hear from you.


I know there are such disciples out there. I know they have the same yearning as I do for this desperately sinful, gravely endangered, lost world. I know they believe the only solution for mankind is Jesus Christ.  


Maybe, just maybe, the dream of overcoming the kingdom of Satan in the world and in corrupted Christendom will become a reality if we wake one another up and begin to take up Wesley’s challenge to embrace the basics of faith. There has never been a more urgent time for disciples to believe that the kingdom of God came with power and to do something about it.


I read of a disciple in London this week who refused to drive the public bus he was allocated because it carried an advertisement promoting atheism; now there’s one disciple among the hundred Wesley spoke of! Then sadly, I read of Pastor Rick Warren accepting the request to pray at the inauguration of the next President of the United States in the company of a Sodomite claiming to be a Christian Bishop, a woman Muslim leader and three Rabbis; now there’s a world renowned ‘Pastor’ who is certainly not among the hundred disciples Wesley spoke of! Give me a bus driver with faith anytime!


So when are we going to see the kingdom of God overcoming the world again as it did in the first century? Only when you and I believe that it can and we take every step to make it happen! Let’s have a hundred here and a hundred there as soon as possible.     



Bob Chapman MA


One Response to “God’s kingdom changes the world – the church doesn’t!”

  1. JANE Says:

    Praise God for this nurse and her employer because God is going to display his power and there is going to be a degree at the end that HER GOD SHOULD BE WORSHIPPED. Remember Daniel and lions’ den. A degree went for that the God of Daniel should be Worshipped. God glorifies himself in adversity. There is going to be a big revival and soul harvest in this crisis.

    God Bless you.

    Apostle Jane

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