Some upset by my Rick Warrent comment

Some readers have brought me to task regarding my comments yesterday about Pastor Rick Warren praying at the inauguration of President Obama in the company of a Sodomite “Christian Bishop”, a woman Muslim leader and three Rabbis.


My point was simple and very clear: It is my opinion that Rick Warren should have taken a position of “no compromise” and said “no” to the President’s invitation to be spiritually associated with “faiths” that clearly oppose the gospel of Christ.


Let me re-emphasize the point I made yesterday by citing recent history that changed the Americas and Europe forever because Godly men never compromised:-


If the God fearing William Wilberforce had of compromised his fight for the abolition of slavery 200 years ago, then there is a good possibility that President Obama would still be in the chains of slavery! And more than that; God fearing men like William Wilberforce were taught not to conform to the Status Quo or to compromise God’s word by Godly preachers like George Whitefield and  John Newton the converted slave trader who wrote Amazing Grace!


I say again: In my opinion Rick Warren made an incorrect choice in the sight of the entire world; he compromised!


2 Responses to “Some upset by my Rick Warrent comment”

  1. wjcsydney Says:

    I wasn’t aware the USA was ever an exclusively Christian country. I thought the constitution guaranteed freedom of religion.

    • extremelives Says:

      Since the Mayflower fleet came ashore with faithful Anabaptists and Huguenots who had been run off by kings and priests in Europe and the UK, faithful men and women of “no compromise” who knew God, trusted God and loved God with all the hearts have remembered those first days in November each year at thankgiving. What happened after the landing of the faithful was, as it is always in the world, war with Satan for the hearts of men and women!

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