Worth repeating: Fling those church doors open!


Wow, what a great time this is! Mammon’s disciples are bewildered, their god has failed them and they ain’t even seen the half of it yet!


Fling those church building doors open night and day. Preach and teach Jesus night and day. There has never been a better time in the last 50 years to evangelize and make disciples of the mammon worshippers, both in the world and in Christendom. Their hope is fading; their god has let them down. Praise the Lord! They’re looking, like never before, for something to believe in and Jesus is the only answer.


Stuff those letterboxes with the good news, knock those doors, advertise you’re having day and night gospel and revival meetings with signs and wonders following, feed the needy and destitute, preach the Word without compromise, for this is God’s time in our age to shake both the foundations of the world and Christendom and turn religious believers into true disciples in order to save as many sinners as possible. This is the Lord’s time and our calling to participate in it like never before.


Two fellow disciples and I went to the little nearby country town of Narrogin last week to begin praying for our next revival meeting in 6 weeks. Instead of choosing a park  to pray in this time we drove around town looking for a church building to pray in. We found an old Anglican (Episcopalian) building with stain glass windows open all day for prayer warriors. We went in and prayed for a couple of hours and then found a local hall nearby, which we hired for two days in March. Each week, for the next 6 weeks we will go and pray there in order to bind the principalities and powers in that town. It is good to be at war, especially when you are on the winning side.


Bob Chapman MA 

One Response to “Worth repeating: Fling those church doors open!”

  1. Madeline Fisher Says:

    Whether or not it would “work” would depend largely upon the intent of the flinging open of the doors. If the intent is to gather a larger congregation in order to garner more money to build a new building to house the spiritually dead and/or dying, the answer is a flat NO.

    If the “thought and intent of heart” is to save the lost, to share with them the power and might of the Lord Jesus Christ and to let them know that He is truly alive and that by His Spirit, He is still ministering to those that will search Him out, pouring out in this day and time all that He provided to those He ministered to when He walked this earth—YES IT WILL! But it must be able to be said that “the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, and the gospel is preached to the poor”! The manifestations of the Spirit must be freely administered and “self” and “church” must be dead and buried. The people must understand that THEY are the church, lively stones built on the Chief Stone of the Corner, Jesus.

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