Six days to live, yet she recovers!

A number of readers have written enquiring about my preaching visit to the Philippines last week.



During the ten days some sixty responded to the gospel call and many were challenged to reappraise their walk with the Lord. On occasions whole congregations repented and wept before the Lord when they realized they were merely performing rather than ministering to one another and the lost around them.

The Lord blessed the ministry at several gatherings with words of knowledge revealing the distress and anxieties of many and the sicknesses of some. These brethren were ministered to by all present on every occasion. With a little encouragement many in congregations would gather around those in need and lay hands on them and pray for them. At two prayer meetings, which were merely replicas of Sunday worship services, I challenged them to pray rather than replicate Sunday-type worship and ignore prayer. They responded well and God blessed those prayer meetings by challenging and changing hearts. Believers soon began to cry out to the Lord in repentance and offered themselves for His use in the kingdom of God.

On the second day of my visit I met with a young preacher who informed me and those with me that his 57 year old sister was involved in a road accident two days before. She had been thrown out of a motorbike sidecar when another motorbike hit her and husband as they travelled home. She landed on her head and fractured her skull and was in a coma. Doctors gave her 6 days to live. When he told us that we immediately stopped what we were doing and prayed for her recovery.

Within hours we were advised by her daughter that she had begun to speak and was coming out of the coma. As each day passed she continued to recover and yesterday, one week after the accident, she walked out of the hospital fully healed, despite the fact that the doctors originally planned surgery to relieve the swelling of her brain if she came out of the coma at all.

Here is the latest report on her health from the Philippines:

“Hi Bro. Bob, I was conversing with Pastor Orlan this morning via celfone. His sister was discharged from the hospital completely recovered. The doctor mentioned nothing about the surgery. There will be EXUBERANT CELEBRATION OF THANKSGIVING tomorrow at FBCCC. GOD IS GREAT and doeth WONDROUS THINGS. Ptr.Orlan gives his warm greetings and thanking all of us who prayed for the MIRACLE. Norma”

Again the Lord blesses all that we do in faith.


Bob Chapman


2 Responses to “Six days to live, yet she recovers!”

  1. jamie Says:

    how refreshing and encouraging to read this testemony more and more the lord is saying through testimonies like this -JUST DO IT – be obedient to the word of god and he will back you up as you go – its his power and possibilities not ours

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