I wanted to kill my kid sister and myself!

I have often wondered how these articles impact people’s lives and the following email certainly answers that question. It is such a joy to see lives were spared because articles like this are regularly sent out on ministering missions, the fruit of which is known mostly by God only.

Blessings Bob


 I am Habakkuk Watara Sackor,


I am a Liberian from African, and my country was in a bitter civil war for 14 years, during the war, i lost my parents and they were murdered right in my presence. That was how i and my little sister had to fleed to Ghana to seek refuge on the refugee camp there in Ghana.


I was there and never had anyone to help me, the lady who took us there escape from us because of the hard times. I had to go from homes to homes and beg for i and my kid sister to eat for a day.


I again used to to beat bricks and made blocks for people and we were paid loofs of bread.

In all these states, i gave up and wanted to kill my kid sister and myself. I went at the internet cafe that day to check mails and i saw an email from u that really inspired me and give me new hopes in the mist of nothing, but nevertheless, i encouraged myself to live.


I managed to complete high school and at the same time send my kid sister to school. I later further my education by obtaining a degree in computer science.


Late 2008, i made my way back home to Liberia, and i really wanted to meet you and also to know you really good. I love you Bob. I realy want to meet you in person, you are so good to me and may God bless you.


Even though i dont have a job now and a place to stay because i am just getting by i know that He is the Same Y,T, & F (Yesterday, Today, & Forever). Please let us stay in touch. I love you.


Bye for now, and I will really explain in deepth to you how things really happened if you dont mind.




One Response to “I wanted to kill my kid sister and myself!”

  1. Bill Harper Says:

    It is always a blessing to read or receive messages like this one. Thanks for sharing. Bill Harper

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