This world needs us — NOW!

I would like to write a million words on this occasion, but who would read them?


Surely most disciples of Christ must be greatly troubled at this time as we hear of senseless mass killings, suicide bombings, misguided politicians fantasying about their power, popularity and deluded statesmanship, imminent wars between nations and godless minorities forcing changes to legislation in most developing nations.


I rack my brain continually about how best to win just a few to Christ, let alone humanity as a whole. I analyze and ponder all kinds of methods of outreach but inevitably I come back to what I’ve learned from the first century disciples.


How come the first century disciples turned the world upside down during their lifetime? What was it they were led to do that we aren’t doing? Ah, contained in that question is the answer – they were “led” continually by the Godhead’s direct involvement in their God appointed ministries. The Book of Acts confirms this in so many places. Why, they were even given specific addresses to go to and the names of specific people to ask for from time-to-time. Also let us not forget that angels assisted them on occasions.


Our failure to change the world lies in our failure to realize that when we were converted we became traitors to Satan’s kingdom and allies of Christ’s kingdom and enter into the fullness of the Godhead and all that it is and can do, Col. 2:8-12. This is distinctly different from putting aside the country club activities on a Sunday and replacing them with church activities. The reality is; Kingdoms conqueror other kingdoms, they do not build Camelots!


So the reality is; Satan is presently in our faces, mocking most of what is being done in the name of pleasant and soothing religion! But for those who have a mustard seed of faith and live for the kingdom of God they disregard such mocking. Their Christ has overcome this world and the principalities and powers in the heavenly places that influence it. They don’t do things in the name of any religious order or denomination, they do it in the name of Christ and they turn this world upside down wherever they can, just as their brothers and sisters did in Christ’s name in the first century!


Surely it is time to get off the back foot and advance against the insidious darkness of unbelief in the nations and do all that is possible in Christ in order to win the few Jesus spoke of. Let’s get out of our Camelots and tear down those Satanic strongholds in the hearts of men and woman across the nations and fill the void with Christ. Let’s use every possible method we are “led” to use in order to bring them to Christ, despite the personal physical cost and the financial cost!


(Your prayers are solicited at this time as I am leaving Australia for London and Liverpool on Wednesday for 3 weeks of Extreme Life Seminars and gospel outreaches)



Bob Chapman


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