God is not in the Medicare business!

I have seen folks healed instantly when prayed for in the name of Jesus.

I have seen folks slowly recover when prayed for in the name of Jesus.

I have seen folks fail to recover when prayed for in the name of Jesus.

What is my conclusion about all this? Simple: God is not in the Medicare business!

Can God heal sick folk in the name of Jesus? Yes He can. Does God ask Christians to pray for the sick among them? Yes He does, James 5:13-18. Then why do some recover and some do not?

I cannot answer that question directly; I am not God. As a servant of God though I can believe by faith in His word that instructs me to pray in His Son’s name and leave the outcomes to Him. Yes I would love to see all who are prayed for recover, but that’s the compassion that rises up in me at the sight of illness in others. And it is that compassion, accompanied by my minuscule faith, which continues to move me to pray regardless of the outcome.

I realise that healing and any other direct charismata of the Holy Spirit are not mine to possess or to question. Rather, I am to be Christ’s bondservant who is willing to be filled, led, empowered and anointed in His ministry and be subject to His will. For me to think of myself as being anything more than that is presumptuous. Even Jesus on occasions could not heal the sick or witness the manifestation of charismata among some folk. This is not to say that I am blaming others for their lack of faith or unbelief; far from it. I am merely pointing out a fact about ministry as Jesus experienced it, Mark 6:5-6.

Certainly, it is devastating to most when a loved one is not healed, and they leave us. Moreover, how we cope with that loss is important, and it is something disciples should be preparing for from the very beginning of their walk with the Lord. A disciple’s main focus should always be Jesus and Jesus alone in addition to the saving of souls and the eternal destiny of all, including loved ones. Preserving life and lifestyle is not what disciples should expect of God or demand of God.

All disciples belong to Christ and His will governs their lives. They know that in life it is always Jesus and them alone. It is not Jesus and their minister, their wife, their husband, their family, or their friends, but just them and Jesus alone. They know they will live and die with Jesus alone. They know they will suffer with Jesus alone. Therefore, their sole focus from day one has been Jesus, regardless of what may befall them. For them, Jesus will remain the focus of their life, and they will not succumb to life’s circumstances, rather they will overcome them through Jesus.

Job 13:15 “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him: but I will maintain mine own ways before Him.” KJV


Bob Chapman MA


3 Responses to “God is not in the Medicare business!”

  1. David Rossiter Says:

    This article is rather lame. The reason Jesus could not heal as quoted was unbelief. The only reason quoted anywhere in the NT for not receiving is unbelief. So why do you have to wimp out and say “I am not saying it is lack of faith” when clearly it is. Heb 3:19 and many others document the lack of faith, or unbelief, as the single cause for not entering into the promises of God.
    Ignorance (lack of knowledge) is also mentioned, but since we are not talking of one who is ignorant of healing, then we can disregard that as a reason to fail.
    I am not saying we should not be compassionate or we should blame people to their face who have just lost someone. However the fact remains it is not God or his will that can take the blame. God’s word is very clear on this matter, or it is not clear on anything.
    If nothing else, Jesus clearly ties healing into the atonement, so why would he withhold it from someone who asks? Does he withhold salvation? If not, then why withhold healing? They are linked together in Isa 53 in the redemption. Jesus healed a man with a withered hand to prove he had the power to forgive sins. Cannot get much more tied than that. Man separates the two and then blames God for failure to deliver. When we acknowledge that then we can begin to grow and see more results, by refusing to accept less than full redemption.

  2. Jermayn Says:

    Interesting discussion, I love this discussion about healing etc and have touched upon it myself “Who Killed healing“…

    Think the answer is much more than just “lack of faith”, we only use 10% of our brain so obviously we will never be able to understand everything and I think healing is one of those things…

    However in saying that. God can and wants to heal today, He just wants someone who is willing to be used by him.

  3. Shirley Dressler Says:

    There is no doubt that without faith it is impossible to please God. Jesus also commented about the lack of faith when He stated, “Oh ye of little faith.” Paul writes in Thess. 3:2 b, “for not all have faith.” So obviously it is very much to do with having faith. But there seems to be more required…..
    Jesus has a lot to say on this topic in John 12:44-47 about believing, also in John 14:12 – 15. But verse 15 seems to be important, “If you love Me keep My commandments.”
    In John 15:10-17 it is very clearly revealed.
    Are we in line with His commandments? Are we loving one another as He loves us? I believe that is part of the pre-requisite to obtaining answered prayer for whatever we may ask in His name in Faith.

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